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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our primary focus is for you to enjoy your stay at our beautiful Marsh Royd Barn.  Please find below our Terms & Conditions.


“Property” refers to Marsh Royd Barn
“Owners” refers to the owners of the Property
“Guests” refers to the persons who stay at Marsh Royd Barn accommodation for the period of the Booking
“Booking” refers to Guests reservation to stay at Marsh Royd Barn and the duration of this reservation
“Guest who made the Booking” refers to the person who made the Booking via phone/email/website.

The contract of hire shall be between the Guest who made the Booking and the Owners and it is subject to our Terms and Conditions.
Paying the Booking fee will be deemed to be an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
The Guest who made the Booking warrants that he/she is authorised to agree to these Terms and Conditions and is acting on behalf of all Guests including those substituted or who join the party at a later date. The Guest who made the Booking is responsible for ensuring that all Guests occupying the Property comply with the Terms and Conditions and in all respects.
The Property occupied is strictly on the basis that the accommodation is for holiday use only and that no right to remain in the Property after the end of the holiday period booked exists for the Guest who made the Booking or for any Guests who occupy the Property. All Guests will vacate the Property at the end of the Booking period stated in the Booking.

Booking fees are to be paid in full at the time of making a Booking.

Security Deposit:
For any Booking, a security deposit of £300 (refundable) will be required which is paid in full when the Booking fee is paid. This security deposit is taken at the time of processing your Booking through our online booking system, and it is over and above the Holiday Let Package rate.

For any loss or damage to Property over £300 the liability would be with the Guest who made the Booking. However, we trust that our Guests enjoy our wonderful accommodation without any issue and this security deposit will be returned as soon as final check outs have been completed.

Group Bookings:
The Property is not suitable for hen, stag or drinks parties and in the interests of our locale and environment Owners would cancel any such loud party booking. Owners reserve the right to refuse any Group Bookings, where it is found to be for ‘stag’ or ‘hen’ or ‘drinks’ nights.

The Property shall be used solely for holiday purposes and the Guest who made the Booking shall not sub-let the Property, or any part of the Property, or any equipment from the Property.

Rates paid are correct only for the specific number of nights, dates shown and max number of Guests agreed on the confirmation of Booking, for the Holiday Let Package booked. Should the Guest who made the Booking changes the number of Guests, dates or nights, then the rates are subject to change.

The maximum number of Guests that the Property can sleep is:
6 Guests for Holiday Let Package 1
8 Guests for Holiday Let Package 2
11 Guests for Holiday Let Package 3
13 Guests for Holiday Let Package 4.

In no circumstances may the number of Guests occupying the Property exceed the number stated in the Booking confirmation (or maximum numbers of Guests stated in the Holiday Let Package booked*). The Owners reserve the right to refuse entry or terminate the Booking without notice if this condition is not observed, or refuse to hand over the Property to any Guest who, in the Owners reasonable opinion, is not suitable to take charge. Rates paid will not be refunded. In such cases all liability of the Owners shall cease.

*Example 1: if Guest who made the Booking booked Holiday Let Package 4 for 11 Guests and later decided to bring one or two extra Guests then Guest who made the Booking will not incur any extra cost as the max number of Guests for Package 4 is 13. However please notify Owners prior to arrival to enable us to provide towels, bathrobes, etc. for all Guests.
*Example 2: if Guest who made the Booking booked Holiday Let Package 2 for 8 Guests and later decided to bring one extra Guest then Package 2 will need to be cancelled and Package 3 will need to be booked and paid for instead, prior to arrival date.

Damages and Breakages:
Please take care of the Property. Guests will be given an Inventory at check-in time and Owners will ask the Guests to note any deficiency on arrival.

The Guest who made the Booking will be liable for any damages or breakages which the Guests cause to the Property or its contents. Please report these as soon as they occur by email at or by phone on 0757 0555 098.

The Owners reserve the right to charge the Guest who made the Booking for the repair or making good, particularly if the damage or breakage is significant and caused by negligence or a wilful act.

Should the booking be cancelled within:
28 – 21 days prior to dates booked:  25% of total invoice will be charged
21 – 14 days prior to dates booked: 50% of total invoice will be charged
14 – 7 days prior to dates booked:  75% of total invoice will be charged
7 days or less prior to dates booked: 100% of total invoice will be charged

A 15% administration fee will be levied against any refunds made for bookings cancelled prior to 28 days from arrival.

Check-in time is 4 pm. Alternative check-in time must be agreed with Owners prior to arrival. Guests are advised to contact Owners by phone on 0757 0555 098 or by email

Failure to arrive. Guests who do not arrive by 9 pm (unless otherwise agreed in advance) can be classed as a ‘no-show’, refused admittance and will incur the full cost of their Booking, with no refund.

Check-out time is 10 am. Alternative check-out time must be agreed with Owners prior to arrival. Guests are advised to contact Owners by phone on 0757 0555 098 or by email

Car Parking:
There is parking space for 5 average size cars in front and on the side of the Property.
The neighbours at 88 New Laithe Hill (next door) have right of access in front of the Property and their access should be kept clear at all times and not blocked, in order to allow them to drive their car in and out.
Additional parking is on the road, outside the gate of the Property, free of charge, should Guests need extra parking space.

One sets of keys will be made available during Guests stay (one key for front door, one key for side door). As such if Guests lock themselves out of the Property, there will be a fee of £30 payable for someone to come and let Guests back in. If the set of keys is lost a fee of £200 is payable by the Guest who made the Booking to cover the cost of new locks to be fitted and sets of keys which will need to be cut.
There is a key safe outside front door of the Property which Guests can use if they wish. A security code will be provided to Guests at the check-in time.

Guests agree to allow the Owners or agents access to the Property at all reasonable times. Owners will only ever request access to the Property in case of an emergency, e.g. a water leak.

Non Smoking Policy:
This is a non-smoking accommodation, smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the Property.

Dogs are allowed. An additional £35 will be charged to cover the extra cleaning. Maximum two dogs allowed with any one booking. Dogs are not allowed up-stairs, only downstairs, and the owner must ensure the dog(s) feet are clean after the walks before going inside the property.

Wood Furniture:
Please use coasters provided for food and drinks on all wood furniture at the Property.
Please DO NOT use water or any chemicals or cleaning materials to clean the wood furniture.

Water, Electricity, Gas, Fire:
In the event of water leakage the Owners must be informed immediately by phone on 0757 0555 098.

All the Property fixed and portable electrical and gas appliances have been tested and approved within the terms of the Fire Assessment Regulations. As the use of Guests own personal electrical equipment is out of Owners’ control it must be at Guests own personal risk.

Owners would kindly ask Guests to turn off lights when not in use.

No naked flames or open fires are permitted at the Property. The fake hearth in the Lounge is for show purposes only and NOT for the burning of logs / coal or other combustible materials.

No fireworks, no firearms or firearm cartridges are allowed at the Property.

Upon Guests arrival the Property will be presented in very clean condition. Guests must respect and look after the Property during their stay and must leave the Property clean and tidy as it was found

The Guest who made the Booking will be considered as the ‘Responsible Person’ who shall ensure that the Property is left in a clean and orderly condition. The security deposit (£300) is refundable once Owners are satisfied that the Property has been left in the same condition as it was found by Guests (less the soiled linen).

Children of all ages are welcome to the Property, however to ensure health, safety and well being they must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult Guest.

Travel cot available for use free of charge at the Property, please let Owners know if you need it. Please bring your own beddings for the travel cot as we do not provide them.

Bathrobes for children as well as children cutlery (forks, knives, spoons), plastic plates, glasses, bowls, baby feeding spoons provided at no extra cost.

One wooden highchair available at the Property free of charge.

Baby changing unit with changing mat, top and tail bowl and supplies (baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby oil, baby powder, nappy sacks, wet wipes) available in the downstairs cloakroom. Sudocrem cream available in the Pharmacy box in the main bathroom.

All Roman blinds at the Property are fitted with security cord devices in all bedrooms and also in the Chesterfield Lounge.

All visible sockets at the Property have been fitted with safety plug covers.

There are a few toys available, children books as well as teething rings at the Property. Please note all plastic toys, teething rings have been cleaned and disinfected prior to Guests arrival date.

Sky Kids channel available as well as Sky Disney Channel at no extra cost.

Stairs gate not available at the Property please do not leave young babies or toddlers unsupervised nearer the stairs.

Please do not leave babies or toddlers unsupervised by an adult Guest near the windows.

Please respect the neighbours and keep noise to the minimum after 11 pm, no loud music please. Owners reserve the right to terminate your Booking immediately without being liable for any refund or compensation where Guests engage in unacceptable behavior that causes a disturbance or nuisance to our neighbours.

Please do inform Owners as soon as possible if you have a complaint with your accommodation by email on or phone 0757 0555 098 or if you find that anything is faulty within the accommodation that needs our attention, so that we can assist and repair or make alternative arrangements. However due to the limited period of Booking, it may not be possible to repair such items during the period of Booking.

Guests details will not be passed to third parties without Guests prior consent, except in cases where Owners believe in good faith that they have a legal obligation to do so.

Other than for death or personal injury caused by Owners negligence or misrepresentation, Owners total liability to Guests is limited to the price of the Booking and to the fullest extent permitted by law all warranties are excluded and in no circumstances will Owners be responsible for any indirect or special damages.

Owners will not be liable for failure to perform to the extent that the failure is caused by any factor beyond Owners’ reasonable control.

The Guest who made the Booking shall at all times maintain the Property and its contents in a clean and tidy condition and accept the Property as it is equipped at the commencement of hire.

The Guest who made the Booking must check the Property and its contents immediately on arrival – inventory will be provided at the check-in time – and notify the Owners or his representative immediately of any faults or damaged items.

The Guest who made the Booking shall be liable to the Owners for any loss, costs, expenses or claims arising from any damage caused to the Property and/or its contents by the deliberate or negligent act or omission of the Guest who made the Booking or of any Guest in his/her party. If, as a result of such damage, the Property or any of its contents need to be repaired or any of the contents need to be replaced then the Guest who made the Booking shall be responsible for paying the reasonable costs of doing so.

In the unlikely event that Owners have to cancel the reservation due to circumstances beyond Owners’ control, Owners will provide a full refund of monies paid. Guests must accept that the Owner’s liability is limited to the amount of any rent paid. No further financial claims will be considered.

No liability shall be accepted by Owners for loss, damage or theft of personal property belonging to Guests, either in the property or in/to cars, bicycles or other vehicles left on the Property or on the side of the road. Nor shall liability be accepted by Owners for accident or injury to Guests, either within the Property or outside.

The Guest who made the Booking undertakes to leave the Property secure if left unoccupied during the period of let.